XML Upload Process

Important notes to all vendor IT developers/programmers:

Due to the time and effort required to initiate and maintain extraction on behalf of the EMS agency, ePCR vendor, and CARES, an agency must meet the minimum requirement of at least 10 CARES-qualifying cases per month for upload. If your agency is approved to move forward with the upload process and you are an existing registry participant, the current method of desktop data entry must be continued until electronic upload to the CARES production site is activated. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your CARES liaison.

myCARES Web Services

myCARES now accepts both REST and SOAP requests. Our REST web service is the traditional method vendors have been using for some time. Now, we have added a SOAP web service that allows vendors to use the same functionality they have developed for NEMSIS compliant data submission. See the NEMSIS website for more information about SOAP submissions and NEMSIS.

Please start with our UPLOAD INFORMATION page for important notes related to uploading data.

  1. CARES Instructions for vendors on XML Setup & Upload

  2. CARES Required Elements

  3. CARES Required and Optional Elements

  4. XML Data Dictionary (FINAL)

  5. 3.3.4 XML Sample

  6. 3.4.0 XML Sample

  7. Logic for ePCR Vendors

  8. Change Log

  9. REST Web Service

  10. SOAP Web Service

  11. Current myCARES Schematron rules

  12. Current myCARES Schematron

  13. Field Changes/Transition to NEMSIS 3.4.0



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