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myCARES SOAP Web Service

Please start with our XML Upload Process page for important notes related to uploading data.

SOAP messages must contain the schemaVersion element with either 3.3.4, 3.4.0 or 3.5.0. myCARES will try to determine the XSD version for XML validation from the contents of the file first (using xsi:schemaLocation attribute), and schemaVersion value will be used as a fallback. If XSD version cannot be determined from the file AND schemaVersion value is invalid, the submission will be rejected.

For SOAP users, schematron violations (FATAL, ERROR, or WARNING), are available through the RetrieveResult request from a SOAP client using the RequestHandle provided in the SubmitData step. The NEMSIS and CARES schematron results will be sent in the RetrieveResult payload together. Regardless of the web service used, XSD failures and schematron results are available in the File Upload Validation Report at Regardless of how the data is submitted, the following applies:

  • Processing is asynchronous. The file sits in queue and is processed along with other files. There may be a 5-10 min window (and maybe more, dependent on volume) before the file is processed. The processing happens every minute, but the file must have been on the server at least 2 minutes to be processed.
  • At a minimum, all XML/data must follow the NEMSIS 3.3.4 standard.
  • Records that already exist in the database are not overwritten. The first submission, if successful, is the only one saved. Two elements determine existing records in each PatientCareReport on a per Agency basis: Incident Number (eResponse.03) and Date of Arrest. The file/XML will still go through the validation process and will be rejected in the final steps of saving the record if the incident already exists for the agency.
  • A new RequestHandle (GUID) will be generated for every submission. For SOAP, this is passed in the RequestHandle element in the response. SOAP clients can use RetrieveStatus to view results or view the File Upload Validation Report by logging into


  1. Beta site WSDL

  2. Production WSDL

  3. SubmitData sample

  4. RetrieveStatus sample

  5. QueryLimit sample

  6. NEMSIS V3 Web Services

Test data sent to the Beta server should not contain any PHI.

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