b'CARES 2023 Annual ReportWith these stories, we honor the courageous individuals who have triumphed over cardiac arrest, thanks to the swift actions of first responders, the unwavering support of loved ones, and the kindness of strangers. Each story is a reminder of the strength and resilience that resides within us all, and a heartfelt expression of gratitude to those who answered the call in times of dire need.Survivor StoriesSaving Lives when every second countsFirst on the Scene: Inspiring Stories of Rescue by 911 ProvidersDarrin DeCarliJacqueline James Terry HiltonPetaluma Fire Dept., CA Cedar Hill Fire Dept., TX Parkview Dekalb EMS, INDivision Chief Darrin DeCarliJacqueline James, a belovedTerrys routine day took a drastic experienced a cardiac arrest at hisfigure at the intersection of S. Clarkturn when he felt chest pain home, prompting a swift responseRd and Little Creek in Cedar Hill,at work. Rushed to Parkview from EMS. Found pulseless andTX for 17 years, suffered a medicalDeKalb, he underwent a life-saving unresponsive, Darrin underwentemergency while on duty as acardiac catheterization procedure approximately 13 minutes ofcrossing guard. Quick responseafter coding multiple times en intense CPR, interventions, andfrom Cedar Hill Fire Departmentroute. Grateful for his EMT defibrillations before returning toStation 212s crew led to herteams heroism, he later reunited a perfusing rhythm. The seamlesstimely transportation to Charltonwith them. Reflecting on the coordination between dispatch,Methodist Medical Center, whereexperience, Terry acknowledged on-scene crews, law enforcement,she received necessary care andthe profound impact of their and hospital staff played a crucialwas discharged without deficits.actions, emphasizing their critical role in ensuring the successfulGrateful for their lifesaving efforts,role in keeping him alive during the outcome of this life-saving effort. Jacqueline later presented thejourney to the hospital.crew with a well-deserved award.Capt. Trevor Steis, Eng.Capt. Robert Burlison, Our HeroesParamedic Brian Weber, FFEng. Jacob Spataro, FF/ Paramedic Jeremy Hammer, Paramedic Duane Sherman,Paramedic Tyler Glass, FF/ Cayla Fuhrman EMT,FF Paramedic AndrewParamedic Hunter Southard,and Madison Shull EMT/Akimoff, FF Matt DeAlba,and FF/Paramedic PatrickParamedic studentParamedic Brett Ernst, andCunhaBattalion Chief Matt Martin10 11'