b'CARES 2023 Annual ReportSide Walk CPR Event held by Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center/Chino Valley Fire Department (CA).CommunityCpr EventsEmpowering communities with life-saving skills, one CPR course at a timeSidewalk CPR clinics, youth CPR trainings, Penn Township Ambulance (PA) teaching CPR to local youth. and public CPR trainings collectively foster a community of preparedness and resilience. These initiatives, often organized in accessible public spaces and integrated into educational curricula, empower individuals with life-saving skills, enhancing overall community readiness. Moreover, by promoting proactive citizenship and strengthening social bonds, these programs create networks of individuals capable of making a crucial difference in critical situations. Through widespread access to CPR training, communities can PeaceHealth (OR) hosting a CPR booth at the Springfield Block Party. build a foundation of mutual support and Key Benefits preparedness, ultimately saving lives.1 Increased Preparedness: Sidewalk CPR clinics and public CPR trainings enhance community readiness by equipping individuals with the skills to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.2 Empowerment of Youth: Incorporating CPR training into youth education programs not only cultivates a sense of responsibility but also ensures a generation of proactive citizens capable of intervening in critical situations.3 Widespread Resilience: By expanding access to CPR training, communities foster a culture of mutual support and preparedness, empowering individuals to become life-savers and strengthening communityKadelc Regional Medical Center (WA) hosts CPR resilience. trainings for community members.38 39'