b'CARES 2023 Annual ReportReporting CapabilityThe CARES software includes functionality to automate data analysis for participating EMS agencies. The reports include 911 response intervals, delivery rates of critical interventions (i.e. bystander CPR, dispatcher CPR, public access defibrillation [PAD]), and community rates of survival using the Utstein template. An EMS agency has continuous access to their data and can generate reports by date range at their convenience. The software is also capable of aggregate reporting allowing CARES staff to generate custom reports for benchmarking and surveillance purposes. In addition, hospitals have access to facility-specific reports, allowing users to view pre-hospital and in-hospital characteristics of their patient population with benchmarking capability. A robust query feature also allows agencies and hospitals to create customized searches of their data. These search results can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.16 17'